Use & Care Guide

How to use your New Smile Clear Aligners.

  • To wear, snap aligner over teeth. If needed, use the provided “Chewie” to help completely seat the aligner.
  • It is normal for a new aligner to fit tightly and apply gentle pressure to your teeth, this pressure should lessen within a few days of wearing the new aligner.
  • Aligners should be removed when eating or drinking anything other than cool water. If needed, use the provided “Retainer Retriever” tool to help remove aligner. Brush and floss your teeth prior to re-inserting aligner.
  • Always rinse aligners in cold water before wearing.
  • When not wearing, store aligners in provided case.
  • You may experience a dry mouth, so drink plenty of water. At first, you may speak with a slight lisp. This goes away within a few days.
  • Clean aligners with a soft toothbrush, a small amount of antibacterial soap and cool water.
  • For optimal results, the aligners should be worn 20-22 hours per day.

Important considerations for New Smile Clear Aligners.

  • Do not expose your aligners to hot water or run them through the dishwasher.
  • Drinking hot or colored liquids while wearing your aligners can cause distortion and discolorization.
  • Cleaning your aligners with toothpaste can leave scratches.
  • Using denture cleaner or mouthwash can harm or discolor the aligners.
  • Call your dentist if the aligners do not fit correctly, break or if you lose one.
  • Even though the aligners are hypoallergenic, call your dentist if you experience any adverse reactions.

Replacement program for New Smile Clear Aligners.

  • Your aligners are embossed with your name and sequence number, and delivered on models of your teeth.
  • Please keep all the models including the old, used aligners.
  • If you lose or break an aligner, we can make a new aligner from the model at no charge. Just bring the model to your dentist who will send it to New Image Dental Laboratory for replacement.

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